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2017 Pierre Laurent wants a “left-wing candidate” who is not François Hollande

Translated Sunday 10 January 2016, by Rosalind Sanders

The national secretary of the Communist Party (PCF) is afraid that the left will “not be present” in the presidential election, and said he hoped to have a “candidate” with a “programme” and “left wing values” who should not, in his eyes, be François Hollande.

“This candidate cannot be a candidate who proposes the degradation of nationality, a second Macron law and the destruction of the Labour Code” he stated on France 2. Pierre Laurent intends to “use all his efforts to ensure that we have a left wing candidate with left wing plans and left wing values. Because, if France has a presidential election in which we have Marine Le Pen, a right wing candidate and François Hollande, this means that the left is not truly present”, said the Parisian MP. He also reminded us that the communists will vote against the bill to write a state of emergency into the constitution.

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