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The primaries are over, time to debate !...

Translated Friday 27 May 2016, by Cynthia McKennon, Guy Langloy

I fully support the following collective text!

The primaries are over, time to debate !

Collective contribution to the 37th Convention of The French Communist Party (FCP)

The social movement is facing global capitalism. The Left doesn’t have an answer that could stand up to the historical challenge of our times : the necessity of breaking away from capitalism.

The balance of power between capital and labor is largely in favor of capital. The capitalist oligarchy which only represents a few hundred families has nevertheless succeeded in attracting large social strata such as the low middle class – small entrepreneurs, managers, owners – and even an important section of the middle class which believe the system benefits them.

The working class remains scattered, without political representation. weakened by the far-right inroads and estranged from the societal, urban and mediatic left. The weakening of the French Communist Party (FCP) and the loss of its historical identity as the party of labor make it difficult to consolidate and expand the social movement.

The recent vote for a common base illustrates a new drawback for the communist organization. The text proposed by the National Council failed to convince. In light of such a loss of confidence we have to start a debate without taboos around the three contentious questions: 1) the refusal to hold primaries, 2) the necessity of an open debate over which conditions to oppose the E.U dictate in light of the Greek experience, and 3) the credibility and the content of our plan to break away from capitalism.

As for the primaries, after the 49-3 law, the question is moot. Those who were to run in the primaries were not ready to dismantle the Hollande-Valls government. Let’s debate on a candidacy supported by communists, a candidacy that would serve the social movement and be chosen outside of party politics, a candidacy that would reclaim communists representatives as well as a group in the Assembly.

As for the European Union, the FCP leadership remains locked in a pro- European discourse. The refusal to abide by European rules is at the heart of any political break away in France. How can we reverse the austerity policy and massively invest in labor, education and culture without infringing European regulations. How can we escape the domination of capital without seizing control of capital movements, how can we give back economic power to politics without questioning – on the scale of a progressive movement – the European institution of « free and non distorted competition.»

Finally, we need a Party that represents the world of labor, a party at the service of a working class ready to rebuild itself as a social class, a party that would retake the lead in the struggle against capitalism while reconstructing the people’s unity around a social project we can call socialism with a communist perspective.

Let’s engage in a fraternal debate in order to rebuild the unity of communists. The Convention must make precise and concrete decisions to that effect. We must relearn to listen to all communists in order to rebuiltwith them the future of the FCP.

This is crucial if we want to avoid a deadly impasse, if we want to offer an alternative to our people and rebuild communist unity. All use of force by the Party leadership will fail and will discredit the communist leadership. Let’s make sure that the communists and the social movement have the debate they deserve.

Caroline Andréani (93), Paul Barbazange (34), Luc Basin (26), Floriane Benoit (38), Jean Baus (54), Michelle Bardot (67), Pascal Brula (69), Robert Brun (26), Marie-Christine Burricand (69), Michel Dechamps (04), Herve Fuyet (92), Clara Gimenez (34), Guy Jacquin (01), Jean Jacques Karman (93), Armand Lecoq (34), Jean Pierre Meyer (83), Pierre Alain Millet (69), Sandrine Minerva (34), Hervé Poly (62), Gilbert Remond (69), Eric Ruiz (27), Laurent Santoire (93), Bernard Trannoy (33), Danielle Trannoy (33), Serge Truscello(69)...

La primaire dépassée, le débat s’impose !

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