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The Möbius strip. What do the enemies of the Republic fear?

Translated Tuesday 18 April 2017, by Nicola Miguleuff

The tendency to increase the number of political populists and the resurgence of fascism in the EU and the USA threatens world stability. In the past there was a war for territorial possession, now there is a battle for the management of resources. Financial oligarchy seizes power in different countries by introducing world standards in the different spheres of human life: in economy, politics, culture, science, religion, and in daily life. Economy has been transformed into “chrematistics”, as Aristotle called it; the science of unrestricted enrichment where the ultimate goal is the insane accumulation of wealth. By the way, the financial capital is aiming to make money on wars, because during disorder it is easier to wheel and deal to get “easy” money. In 2016, the total number of military expenditures in the world has reached a historical maximum of $1.57 billion since the times of the second World War. Neoliberals have learned how to redirect global financial flows by establishing global routers such as the World Monetary Foundation, World Bank, the European Central Bank etc. They skillfully juggle ephemeral figures at stock exchanges raising loyal vassals and drowning rebels and objectors into the depths of permanent crises and conflicts of war.

Today, the situation in France looks like a Doric farce and its prolongation is leading to the tragedy in the life of the nation as well as the further distribution of the “fascism” and “austerity policies” viruses in the EU and around the world. As Plutarch says, “you who rule are yourself ruled”. Nationalist-governors, playing the role of governors of different countries, remain the kids in the sandboxes that had been built for them by their uncle-neoliberals. Governors, having once been the fathers of the nation, are obligated to serve the tendency which is formed by the oligarchy in a global context. In this sense, French establishment does not differ very much from American, Russian or Chinese establishments. The doctrine of “fascism” is being implemented through aggressive propaganda. Informational space is full of various threats, starting from notorious Russian hackers and ending with Islamic-radicals.

Incidentally, the phenomenon of fanatic-terrorists is not a phenomenon of today. Anarchists blew up bombs in the French parliament at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. Let us remember the fair judgement of Jaurès about this social phenomenon: “hot dust of anarchic fanatism, blinding some miserable people, is a sister of the mud of capitalism and politicking”. Power discrediting itself in front of the nation by taking bribes, by solving exclusively private problems instead of social problems hardens the society and forms the soil in which grows terrorism. At the same time, the mythological fog of populist slogans remains the main instrument of controlling uneducated masses, the number of which is catastrophically huge. Statistics say that there are 5 million Muslims in France, the majority of whom are refugees and migrants coming to the country that’s a brand of the “Paris – I love you” card in pursuit of dreams about the easy life.

Benoit Amon was orienting on this group of voters in his fantastic slogans at the primaries that “basic revenue for all must be 750 euros a month”, a “simplification of the immigration process”, “more access of refugees to work” and also that “the foreigners will get the right of voice at municipal elections”. This theme was caught by the cunning fox Macron who likes to catch sweet pieces of cheese falling out from the programs of other candidates in the form of slogans. Unnecessary Muslim migrants suddenly became important and necessary. Macron started flirting with the potential electorate, playing on the ambitions of the proud eastern nation and saying that the doors are always open for them. According to his words there is no French nor Western culture, but Arabic Muslim culture which must take its place in France. But what will happen if the huge Muslim diaspora learns that monsieur Macron was involved in stealing of Muammar Mohammed’s money? Many people are talking about it in closed chats. The problem is that this information will never be published in official Media. Financial international lobby, supported by the USA, carefully takes care of Macron’s reputation which makes him look like a Prince in the shining armor against the background of the others.

The doctrine “austerity” is realized by the neoliberal-coryphaeus: Thatcher (Iron Maiden) in Great Britain, Schröder in Germany, Reagan in the USA, was played by pseudo-socialist Holland, and has led to the extreme neoliberal reforms in France including El Khomri’s and Macron’s laws. These laws are directed at increasing labor for a lesser amount of money and at the worsening of labor conditions. Of course, the trade unions were against this and they went to demonstrations protesting the infringement of their rights but it did not help much and their rights are still infringed. In the past the best weapon of the proletariat was cobblestone and mass protests in the streets. Today the world has changed to become informational. It means that the blocking of logistics, workers’ protests at an atomic station, or at a factory have little influence on the digital world where the financial capital is circulating. Modern manifestations and demonstrators themselves are extremely convenient for the government and oligarchy as they are absolutely harmless for those in power. Additionally, the mass event is an emotional release for workers so that they can blow off a little steam. This is why the most active demonstrators, who can organize the crowd, are selected from a young age. They are watched, they are formed and they are given the opportunity to practice. Then they are placed into one of the political parties. Nobody disturbs this kind of activists as they cannot do anything serious enough to threaten the capital power. Be that as it may, what would the financiers do if the workers of France suddenly block bank accounts or quite by chance turn off the Internet for a few days?

Corresponding to a healthy view on the government: the fathers of the country must be responsible for the development of the territories and the well-being of a nation. However, governors owe a permanent favor to global bankers who determine the rules of the political game. “Governors” can be divided into three categories: 1. Dealers 2. Changers 3. Economic executives. Former favorite of the French establishment, Francois Fillon, can be attributed to the category of “dealers”. Even if he may support “old kind France” and traditional values, the principle “chacun ira au moulin avec son propre sac” (self comes first) determines his actions. The habit to squander the nation’s wealth and bring the pieces of it into the family has led to a political mistake - he hired his wife and his children. In France, as well as in Russia, there is this feudal method to national economy management and it isn’t strictly prohibited by law. However, widespread reporting of these facts to unemployed citizens of France caused a backlash and apparently deprived Fillon of a victory this spring, 2017. Thus, even having noble intentions about the development of the country, governor-dealers think about personal enrichment, serving the financial capital that buys them easily for a cheap price.

The second category of governors are “changers”, who dream about how they can become part of a big business. “Changers” actively work at increasing their own profits by any means. The destiny of the nation and the country are far beyond their interests. For instance, the offspring of the Rothschild bank Macron succeeded quickly in having close connections with oligarchy. The soft and convenient neoliberal who is a friendly calf that sucks two mothers does not resemble a dangerous figure. However, it is Macron, fanatic and adherent to financial capital, who is the main danger for France; the villain is hiding behind the mask of minion. If the big players of the past had had principles, today they are vanishing and after them only the Macrons – Pokémons are left. They are those who are serving madly to the Golden Calf and bringing disaster, dust, hollowness, and deceit to the world.

This has nothing to do with Macron himself but who is behind his back. During the years of “neoliberalism” domination, the class of young manager-liberals has been formed. Unlike them the father-founders of capitalism, the Rothschilds and Rockefellers, etc. had subjectness; they ruled the process and they used neoliberalism as an instrument for reaching the strategic goal. They hired boys like Macron for implementation of tactical tasks. These boys, born and molded inside the process of liberalization that is beyond their power, perceive “neoliberalism” as dogma, as abstract ideal. They are not able to manage this process nor to correct it. They do not see and they do not know what to do next. The executive module needs a master. The trouble is that the epoch of Rothschild and Rockefeller ended with the death of both. Who then is hiring behind the back of the favorite of pre-election theatre?

Maybe somebody in France believes in the fairy tale that Macron is a protégé of French business... Is there, however, a French national business? Might it be so small that it has been practically transformed into a partisan form? Today small and medium French enterprises try to survive, fighting with multinational giants. If the French business takes the form of partisan troops, then it’s high time to use partisan methods of combat and not allow the protégé of the oligarchy to come to power. Why does France need one more vassal of financial capital married to the daughter of the chocolate king? There is one chocolate Prince in the Ukraine. Isn’t it enough for the EU? Could it be true that France desires to get through its own neoliberal nightmare in all its horror?

Let us get back to our classification and describe the third category of governors: these are economic executives. They declared themselves the fighters for social justice, sincerely willing the establishment of a Republic. Their trouble is that they become loyal to the oligarchy. Of course, they say that this is a temporary phenomenon and they would only like to consolidate their position, after which they will start fighting against financial capital. However, in practice they will never do it - there is never any righteous struggle at all. In modern situation, economy is directed at serving to the financial oligarchy. It is separated from the social sphere. The national economy management relies on the mythological parameters, depending on the speculations at world stock exchanges. The economic executives do not have their own intellectual solutions and they are running to the changers and dealers to get working schemes that are kindly provided to them by the oligarchy. Economic executives cannot independently expose new criteria, introduce standards or allocate resources. Thus, all good intentions are dying in the grindstone of the bureaucratic machine. Le Pen in France and Trump in the USA can be referred to this category. In this sense, it is absolutely impossible to understand how the possibility of the coming to power of such personalities may cause fear or admiration. It is clear that the financial capital will rule as economic executives are ideologically unarmed and they cannot fight against the capital.

Meanwhile, the wallydrag of financial capital Macron, having won the ticket to big business and raised at the expenses of the French-American foundation, said during March debates that America and France had worked together to build the Peace. It is obvious that the neophyte is in his final stage of amnesia and completely forgot that the mission of American economic expansion was to press France out of geopolitics and take over all of the colonies under American control. American business wanted to have profits and make money on colonies named “democratic” states. Nobody could withstand the American desire. America played this card successfully. France was not included in the list of world gendarmes (USA, China, USSR, and the UK). The consolation prize: France stayed in the list of winners. Today, on the internet, it is possible to find many historical examples that there has always been an American interest towards its control over the situation in France. It is not by chance that the former CIA officers tell that their service financed the opening of new trade unions in France so that they could become alternative to CGT. Their goal was to split the left and crush them into small groups that would not have any power.

The united left is a direct threat to the financial capital. Together, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Hamon, plus the clear ideological program – is the serious force with the claim towards the majority. The only force that is interested in the split of left is the USA, that monsieur Macron praises so much. America doesn’t need a strong France; financiers were very frightened by the times of De Gaulle - what if it lasted for a long time? As one of my familiar teachers from the South of France says: De Gaulle is the dream president of the French nation, it was him who managed to unite different parties and groups and conduct independent policy. Probably in some sense, he is right.

Nowadays left and right are mixed; corporate ethics allows the change clothes too easily, today you have red, tomorrow – blue, today you are right, tomorrow you are left. It’s time to admit honestly that the agents of financial capital have penetrated all parties. Modern power disqualified itself. Socialists have entered into the alliance with the oligarchy. Let us remember a similar case in history at the end of the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th centuries; at the dawn of the Republic, all deputies of French parliament from left to right were involved in the Panama scam. The nation got to know that all of their public servants took bribes. The governors betrayed the ideals of the Republic in favor of private profits. Let us be reminded of Jules Guesde’s betrayal - he was one of the socialistic leaders and he went over to the side of financial capital, calling the French workers to support the military plans of the bourgeoisie. Let’s give an example from the history of the Russian revolution when, in the June of 1917, Lenin removed the slogan “All power to Soviets”, because there was not a single worker in this Soviet, there were only venal Esers (socialist-revolutionaries) and Mensheviks. They were betrayers who entered into coalition with the counter-revolution and were pushing the country to military aggression, which was profitable for financiers who wanted to gain as much money as possible during the disorder. Fascism, militarism, and austerity – all these social phenomena are caused by financial capital throughout the ages of human history.

Republic means the fair distribution of means among the workers - when the power really belongs to the best, the most intelligent leaders who are ready to serve selflessly first of all to public good. However, at present, republic remains a neon signboard, just a slogan, not an everyday reality where French citizens live. However, there are those who sincerely oppose the financial capital. The answer to neoliberalism is the sharp declaration of extreme left and extreme right, the difference between them is not so great as it is presented. They are polarized on purpose, not to have national integration. Wise centrists - that is the dream of the French, those centrists who will be the golden mean, not the modern examples à la neither fish, nor flesh, nor good red herring with the slogan “En Marche!” – we will buy you all. Let’s remember the nice example from history – legendary French tribune - Jean Jaurès, who, due to his eloquence, was able to convince left as well as right and actively oppose doubtful military trickeries, financial speculations, and militarization of society.

Nevertheless, let’s get back to present days. What will the French do in the second tour of elections? Why is everyone so afraid of extreme rights and say little about the central threat – Macron, to whom are sworn many socialist-opportunists (like Valls). Le Pen will not find the strength and courage to admit that she doesn’t have the methodology and doesn’t know the real mechanisms of how to help France out of the crisis, that is why she is fairy accused of populism. It is natural that her radical declarations frighten and are alarming.

Nevertheless, she identifies the problems in the state correctly. Maybe communists or other wise men in France will find inner strength and can prompt the real mechanisms that solve problems in the country. After all, it is not so important who will solve the problems, but what is more important is that all problems must be solved not radically but by principle! It will be difficult with Len Pen in contrast to the servant of financial capital Macron, but there is at least the opportunity to come to an agreement with her. If Len Pen really pretends to serious politics, she will have to seek advice. The future of France is being decided.

Then, there will be the election in parliament, public opinion, and the role of civil society. People must understand the real situation in the country and in the world, otherwise it is impossible to design a cure against the social diseases. Such public understanding may be developed by a certain block, not by one orthodox group but by the whole spectrum, from the extreme right up to the extreme left. The key question is in the role and in the participation of capital in the life of a society and about its harmful influence on life itself, and all the rest: migrants, unemployment – is just a consequence. What’s the point of curing the symptoms, not having understood the cause of the disease?

It is reasonable to unite not by form, but by content – by common sense, not based on the corners of the Earth, colors, left or right sides, etc. – all of these are remainders of primitive society. From the point of view of the senses, the positions of extreme left and extreme right are not far from each other. If both forces fix the common problems, then it will be necessary to come to an agreement about the methodology of the solution of problems. Everyone will win when this methodology of a healthy society reaches the public.

At present, it is most likely that the extreme left and extreme right are polarized on purpose, and this image of extremums is kept in people’s mind to influence the victory of financial capital… Therefore, in the situation of choice between Macron and Le Pen, it may at least be possible to try to come to an agreement with the extreme right, in which the financial capital represented by Macron will not speak, it will just neoliberalize the country into a mess. In this case, the nationalism of Le Pen will seem to be a rescue from the vicious neoliberalism of Macron and his masters.

What do the enemies of the Republic fear? The reasonable union of forces, which defends justice. They greatly fear the mass liquidation of ignorance and that the demagogy will end and the reasonable forces will acquire the methodology. It means that economic executives must be armed with methodology and ideology and that it is necessary to form a new type of governor. Economic executives must have new qualities and become responsible governors. This new class of governors in France, as well as in other countries, must have the ideological tools to stabilize the situation in the world.

In this regard, it is necessary to introduce the following system-formed principles:

1. Economy must serve the social sphere; it must serve the interests of the nation, social development but not the degradation of society. The criteria of economic efficiency must be connected directly with the real wealth of citizens, not with the narrow group of affiliated persons.

2. Austerity policy must be changed into the policy of complex social economic development. Authorities must speak honestly and openly to people, proposing the variant solutions and conducting active social-orienting policy where with the help of finances they meet the needs of the population and stimulate the possibility of the development of personal potential for the needs of the country.

The matter of conscience for the working class is to fight in favor of justice. It is necessary to use new, effective methods and the Internet for the establishment of a Republic. France can restore order at home and get back to geopolitics if it brings big creative ideas to the world, and the citizens of a Republic would make their governors work for the good of the nation and society.

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