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by Michaële Lafontant

On Behalf of the Major Interests of the Haitian People

Appeal for the establishment of diplomatic relations between Haiti and the People’s Republic of China

Translated Wednesday 30 August 2017, by Kristina Wischenkamper

Member of the Office of Action against Colonialism Today (ACCA); of the National Council of the French Communist Party (PCF); member of the Peace Movement (France)

His Excellency Mr. Jovenel MOÏSE
President of the Republic of Haiti, Port-au-Prince Haiti

Excellency, I am appealing today to the highest authorities in Haiti, as well as to the citizen conscience of the Haitians and the friends of Haiti.
This letter will have tongues wagging ... But I forgive those people in advance because they will not haveunderstood ... They will not have understood that the time is no longer one of fratricidal struggles but rather it is time for citizens to rally in order to lift Haiti out of the quagmire in which it is wading!

Many will condemn me, perhaps, because I seem to ‘legitimize a de facto government’ with which I ‘have nothing in common"!

Taking advantage of my political experience in France, I have learned not to be overly implacable and harsh towards our Haitian officials, who are still far from reaching the level of corruption that is commonplace in the capitalist countries of the West.

They are the masters of whom we are but a pale and poor copy! I did not come to this point of view by complacency towards the Haitians but by rationalism, by equity and rejection of any form of Bovaryism.

We Haitians in the Diaspora deal with the good and bad sides of our host countries, which does not prevent us from fighting with the peoples of hese countries those battles we consider useful.

What power could deny me the right to appeal to the current Haitian Government, to Parliamentarians, the elected municipal officials, on a question which they alone can decide as competent authorities in Haiti?

The People’s Republic of China is in an excellent position to promote cooperation with Haiti, provided that relations reach the diplomatic level.

Why hesitate any longer to take hold of this outstretched fraternal hand?

Haiti has suffered enough! Politico-economic cataclysms, natural disasters ... Its sons from all walks of life, and especially those from our countryside, dream of a country proudly emerging from traditional stereotypes, ready to take the path of sustainable development, the only liberating way forward for our country.

To achieve this, we must dare to embark on a new type of partnership that favours a win–win relationship rather than a predatory and destructive one.

How can we forget the lament of the 350,000 victims of the 2010 earthquake? Their cries of distress should inhabit us still! It is in their names too, in the name of future potential victims of the next foreseeable’ disaster, and especially of the Haitian people, that I address the authorities of my country and Haitian civil society too.

The time for audacity has come,

Excellency, the President of the Republic!

History and the present and future generations will be grateful to you for having understood that we can no longer procrastinate in taking a positions in favour of the major interests of the Haitian people.

You must dare,

Your Excellency, the President of the Republic,
The Prime Minister,
Ladies and Gentlemen municipal councillors

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Senate of the Republic,
Honorable deputies,

Dare to choose the electrification of the whole country to the deafening, polluting and expensive racket of generators!

Dare to be visionary and see our cities, towns and suburbs benefiting from electrification: the retreat of many atavisms, obscurantism, the end of repeated ‘blackouts’ that penalize those of low and middle income, that marginalize the poorest!

This new partnership will be a win–win one:

Win for China but also
Win for Haitian youth that awaits only to flourish,
Win for our businessmen from our various municipalities,
Win for our peasant and urban masses,
And Win for the whole of society by a return to social peace
That which only work can guarantee.

The sirens’ call are the voices that murmur to us: you need no visas to visit our country, come, come!

How many of our people will be further impoverished by leaving for false paradises, when they alone represent the strength and future of our country? How many will continue crossing seas and borders to be humiliated, stoned, martyred?
Only to be prey to monstrous predators disguised as the saviours of the world?

By faithfulness to what ill-founded solidarity would those representatives of the people who founded Pan-Americanism and pan-Africanism hesitate to choose in favour of national interests?

As the French saying has it, once does not a habit make.

But just once, this time, will make all the difference! By choosing a win–win cooperation with the People’s Republic of China, even though many challenges – that the Chinese leaders do not deny – lie ahead in a vast territory with 56 ethnic groups and multiple languages and dialects.

It is in 2021 that the five-year plan of the People’s Republic of China will have definitively lifted out of poverty a large part of its population who will reach an average level of wellbeing!

It is indeed a fraternal approach, like the Cuban solidarity which does not give what it has in excess, but takes from what is available and moreover necessary for its own population, out of concern and a spirit of sharing.

Pope Francis himself has not hesitated to declare: ‘China has always been for me a reference of greatness. A great country. Endowed with exemplary wisdom. “ [1]

It is in the name of this millennial wisdom that China can play the role of apostle of peace in the world today. Again, according to the Pope: ‘The Western world, the Eastern world and China all have the abilitto maintain the balance of peace and the strength to do so. We must find those means, always through
dialogue.’ [2]

Haiti would be well advised to take inspiration from Panama’s example in daring to choose to recognize the unity of China’s territory by breaking 160-year diplomatic relations with Taipei:

‘Today we have taken a historic step that will benefit our nations and present and future generations,’ said President Varela of Panama, stressing the importance of China’s regional and global role .

‘Taiwan has been a great friend of Panama and we are very grateful for its friendship and cooperation for the development of our country while we have diplomatic relations,’ said President Varela in his address.

Haiti–People’s Republic of China, a choice for the future! (3)

The ball is still in the Haitian side!
Our country so much needs to get out of the economic slump with all the paralyzing corollaries that we know! It would be a great pity and distressing for Haiti to lose out on this opportunity offered by China.


Michaële Lafontant

Translated from the French by Kris Wishenkamper

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