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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Jerusalem: Trump’s disgusting blackmail at the UN

by Pierre Barbancy

Jerusalem: Trump’s disgusting blackmail at the UN

Concerned about its isolation over the question of Jerusalem, the US resorts to threats.

Translated Monday 9 April 2018, by Jane Swingler

Trump is seething. Last week, he found himself alone, completely isolated in the face of the fourteen other members of the UN Security Council, including his usual European allies, who sought to condemn Washington’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The US president thereupon used his veto to block the resolution. On Monday, Nikki Haley, his Ambassador to the UN, had previously reacted to this stinging rebuke in a less than diplomatic manner. This vote “is an insult which we will not forget,” was her furious response.

Yesterday, the General Assembly at the United Nations was examining a new resolution from Yemen and Turkey, that any decision on Jerusalem’s status “has no legal effect, is null and void and must be rescinded.” It sends out a reminder about all the resolutions adopted by the UN concerning the colonisation of the Palestinian territories and emphasises that issues surrounding Jerusalem must be part of the final peace agreement between Israel and Palestine. It is a defining feature of the General Assembly, which has 193 members, that no country has the right of veto over non-binding resolutions.

This is the reason for Trump’s anger and on this occasion, he did not hide his contempt and his attitude to international relations. “They take hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars and then they vote against us,” he fumed, the night before the vote. “Let them vote against us, we will save a lot, we don’t care.” Fearing another diplomatic backlash, The US increased its threats and applied more pressure. Tweet, email, letters, they resorted to everything. Nikki Haley, the Ambassador, undoubtedly unaccustomed to having the finger pointed at her country, went utterly on the offensive. “At the UN, we are always asked to give more, do more,” and “we don’t expect those we have helped to target us.” And here is the punishment which will befall these wayward pupils: “The president will be watching this vote carefully and has requested that I report back on those who voted against us.” Israel rejected in advance the vote on Jerusalem at the UN, which Benjamin Netanyahu has described as a “house of lies”. You might smile if this weren’t so serious. It is clearly a case of blackmail against countries to prevent them from exercising their full sovereignty.

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