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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Un groupe provisoire de porte-parole

by Jacqueline Sellem

A Provisional Group of Spokespersons

Translated Tuesday 12 September 2006, by Henry Crapo

Responding to the insistant demand of the majority of colllectives represented, ready to open the campaign as soon as possible, a provisional group of spokespersons was set up, the task of which is immediately to animate the unitary procedures and initiatives already determined. This group of spokespersons does not prejudice that modified list which may appear in November, in the event of a general agreement, including that for a common candidate, and which will be the group of spokespersons to accompany the designated candidate. The provisional group includes:

Claire Villiers (Convergence citoyenne)

Olivier Dartigolles (PCF)

René Revol, (PRS)

Jean-Jacques Boilaroussie (Alternatifs)

Francine Bavay (Alter Ecolos)

Eric Coquerel (Mars)

Pierre Carassus (Gauche républicaine)

Claude Debons, France Coumian (collectif Paris)

Hamida Bensadia (militante associative)

Raoul Marc Jennar, Christian Piquet (for the minority group in the LCR)

— all were equally invited.

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