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by Michel Briand, assistant to the Mayor of the city of Brest (France)

Local Collectivities have a Role to Play in the Distribution of Open Source Computer Programs

Translated Monday 11 September 2006, by Hervé Fuyet

The adoption of open source computer programs is an ideological choice!
Huma Dimanche, no 25, August 31, p.67

"Why doesn’t the French State, instead of buying expensive licenses from Microsoft, not use that money to equip themselves, at no cost the French people, with computer programs, and in that way to help those that develop, improve and distribute free open-source programs!

The name of the game is the following: to enrich the common patrimony of Open Source and facilitate its distribution. Local collectivities have a role to play in this.

Brest City, in partnership with a number of associations, has created a CD-ROM that includes an Office Suite and a series of programs for sound, photos, pictures, etc. That CD named "Bureau libre free-EOS" is distributed freely at 77 access points in media libraries, high schools and universities. It is easy to use and is part of a network in which computer-shy people can find other people to help them. Confronted with the success of the operation (more than 200,000 Cds have been distributed in the last 18 months), we are asking local collectivities, universities and public services to distribute it further."

For more information, local collectivities can contact Monique Montanari and individuals can download the contents of the CD from free-eos.org.

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