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by Patrick Apel-Muller


Translated Sunday 21 October 2018, by Meghan O’Shea

An editorial by Patrick Apel-Muller. Global warming is out of control. States, including France, have not kept their promises, violent weather phenomena is on the increase, average temperatures are rising at a rate that could reach the 1.5°C limit in 2030.

The experts with the IPCC have issued an alarming report. Good intentions, like the blindness of Donald Trump, are no longer acceptable. However, the report of the 86 scientists, global specialists in the subject, is not without hope: humanity can still be the master of its own fate. But the time for fantasizing and dreaming that some sort of beneficial green trickle down economy will appear and save our environment is over.
Decisions that must be made will have to be radical and go beyond the narrow scope of individual efforts. Different means of production must be established. Maximum profit can no longer be the guiding light of globalization and capital’s power to impose greed limited truncated. Social progress and the environment have become inseparable: how production is accomplished and for whom have become one and the same question. The replacement of fossil fuels, the prioritization of public transport, the construction of housing with high-quality thermal insulation and co-development strategies must prevail. The future of humanity, and all life on this planet, requires emancipation from capitalist logic. In short, it requires a revolution.

The IPCC report puts everyone at the front lines of a civil imperative and a need for mobilization. It is not a file, like others slipped into the drawer of some Minister of the Environment, but a red thread to be followed by political activists and their organizations’ leaders, trade unionists and scientists, working in the public as well as private sectors. The biophysicist Pierre Joliot posited: "A society that survives by creating artificial needs to efficiently produce unnecessary consumer goods does not seem likely to meet the challenges posed by the degradation of our environment.” And yet, that is where we find ourselves.

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