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Translated Monday 19 November 2018, by Paula Smith

Friday 2nd November 2018
Pierre Barbancey


American declarations are focused on the Khashoggi case and on a regional problem. In France, Macron does not intend to ban the sale of arms.

Can there be clearer proof of a resounding failure of the war politics of Saudi Arabia in Yemen than the recent American declarations? US Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis, on Tuesday, actually called for the belligerents on the ground to stop the hostilities and to begin peace discussions within thirty days - according to the head of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, insisting: "The time has come to end the hostilities, which includes stopping the firing of missiles and drones which come from the zones controlled by the Houthis (…). Air strikes from the coalition must then stop in all the populated parts of Yemen.”

The statements not totally surprising. America and the European Union are increasingly on shaky ground with regards to international public opinion on a continuing silent war now being revealed with all its atrocities. On Sunday the New York Times published a shocking photo of a seven year old Yemeni girl, very malnourished - a victim of a famine which threatens fourteen million of the countries inhabitants. Multiple witness accounts of the bombardments of civilians have also been shown on social networks.

6000 children have been killed or hurt since March 2015

Obviously, everything points to the repercussions of the Khashoggi case, the journalist who was killed on October 2nd in the Saudi Arabian consulate in Istanbul. This is what the Trump administration team must explain directly. But it is equally true that it is a way for America as it is the European Union to push aside the real responsibilities of the present conflict. Political responsibilities – either the green light which was given to Riyadh to attack a country where part of the rebellion is supported by Iran; or is it that the ‘West’ is incapable of stopping the Saudis? But there are equally economic and moral responsibilities. In order to attack the population and to bombard and kill, arms are essential. Where do they come from if it is not from the lofts of a military factory in the same country where there is concern for other people from different parts of the world. On the 22nd of October the German chancellor Angela Merkel announced that “While the Khashoggi case is not resolved there will be no exportation of arms (German) to Saudi Arabia”. Macron himself does not take the same view and even mocks calls to end the sale of arms to Saudi Arabia.” But it is purely demagogic to say that the sale of arms should stop, that it has nothing to do with the Khashoggi case!”, he declares, asserting that if sanctions are to be taken they should be “In all domains. In this case, stop selling vehicles, stop selling other things” Just a few days before the memorials of the First World War, we could certainly expect something else from the French President…

Putting an end to the war in Yemen will not be enough to save the children of this poor country, warns the funds from the United Nations (Unicef). “We need to put an end to this war and (introduce) a government strategy which concentrates on the people and the children” insisted the UNICEF Director from the Middle East and North Africa - Geert Cappelaere. More than 6000 children have been killed or hurt since the intervention in March 2015 by a military coalition ruled by Saudi Arabia, supporting the Yemen government.

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