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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: M.-G. Buffet tire le signal d’alarme

by Pierre-Henri Lab, Special correspondent, Besançon (Doubs)

Marie-George Buffet Blows the Whistle

Translated Sunday 4 February 2007, by Hervé Fuyet

Marie-George Buffet, now officially candidate in the French presidential election only two months away, appeals urgently for unity of the political Left against the political Right.

During her electoral meeting in the province of Franche-Comté in south-eastern France, Marie-George Buffet called on the political Left to “act responsibly, since the victory against the political Right is far from certain”.

The candidate of the anti-neoliberal Left asked “all the left forces to unite behind a strong Left policy” since “Sarkozy’s program is truly reactionary”, and Bayrou surfs in the surveys but remains “a right-winger”.

“The political Left must satisfy the hopes of the French people. I can see that there is a deep anger against the way the electoral campaign is taking place. Instead of polemics around the dubious role of the “Renseignements Généraux” (the French secret police), or narrow political issues, our citizens want a genuine debate on what policy to adopt to meet people’s aspiration when it comes to wages, pensions, employment, health, housing and education”, she said.

According to Marie-George Buffet, the lack of clarity in the Socialist candidate, Segolène Royal’s programme and the multiplication of the left-wing candidates neither contributes to the unity of the Left nor to a debate on the policies it should be following.

Marie-George Buffet declared “I do not want to be part of an impotent denunciation process, I want to build a Left majority that will change the laws in order to change the lives of the French People”.

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