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by anonymous

Essential News

Translated Saturday 16 February 2008, by Gene Zbikowski

February 11, 2008 news briefs on Chad and Iraq.

Darfur. Twelve Thousand New Refugees in Chad.

Some 12,000 people have fled Sudanese Darfur for neighboring Chad following intense bombardments and attacks, the UN High Commission for Refugees (HCR) announced yesterday. The refugees have gone to the Birak region in southeastern Chad, following a series of attacks on Friday and Saturday and which are said to have been carried out by the Sudanese army and the djandjawid militias. Over 240,000 Sudanese from Darfur are already living in twelve refugee camps in Chad.

Bloody Attacks in Iraq

Nineteen people have been killed and 29 injured in a car bombing at a market in a town close to Balad north of Baghdad, according to a provincial government official. This attack is a sign of the continuing tension and extreme violence in the country, despite allegations by US authorities, who for weeks have been trying to say that there has been a certain normalization of the situation in Iraq.

And Also ... Chad

Worry was growing Sunday as to the fate of several opposition leaders who had been arrested a week earlier during the failed rebel attack on N’Djamena. The political adversaries of president Idriss Déby were arrested at their homes a week ago by armed men in military uniform.

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