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The Tentacular World of the Nazi Camps
KL by Nikolaus Wachsmann. In his book, Nikolaus Wachsmann retraces the history of the horrors of the concentration camps, from the opening of Dachau in March of 1933 to the (...)
The Slow Emancipation of Saudi Women
Over the past 10 years, partly due to the economic downturn, the Saudi Wahhabi regime has been obliged to reconsider women’s rights. Saudi women are taking advantage of every (...)
L’Humanité on the Airwaves
On Thursday the team from France Culture’s podcast, Matins, showed its support for l’Humanité by broadcasting directly from the newspaper’s headquarters. The episode focused on (...)
Hungarian Writer and Nobel Laureate Kertész Dies
Imre Kertész, Auschwitz concentration camp survivor and winner of the 2002 Nobel Prize in Literature, died Thursday at the age of 86. This portrait of the Hungarian writer was (...)
65.3 Million People Displaced Worldwide
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has announced that a new world record was broken in 2015, with 65.3 million people forced to leave their homes or countries (...)
The State has Forgotten the Miners of 1948
In 2014 these dispossessed strikers, unjustly fired back in 1948, were promised compensation. But that compensation has yet to materialize. Norbert is one of the miners who (...)
Benin’s Cultural Treasures far from their Native Land
In an unprecedented move, the government of Benin has requested that the treasures of the Kingdom of Dahomey, pillaged during the colonial period, be returned. Paris claims (...)
Historic Ceasefire in Colombia
Monday was a historic day for Colombia. After 52 years of armed conflict, the first definitive bilateral ceasefire ever signed between the FARC guerrillas and the government (...)
Anastasia: A Destiny Shaped by Machete Strokes and Courage
She was a girl from Suriname who lived under the radar in French Guiana for 10 years before finally being granted residency papers last March. This is the story of her (...)
Russia Mourns Victims of Black Sea Crash
Russia observed a day of mourning on Monday, the day after a plane crash that caused the deaths of 92 people in the Black Sea. Search operations continued in an effort to (...)
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