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Why we must march on the fifth of May
Shall we leave face to face a Right and a Left that share the same codes? Historian Roger Martelli argues in favor of a radical change of course: we need new policies, and a (...)
The Illusion of America, as the Chosen Nation
The simultaneous appearance of two books by the American Chris Hedges, in French translations, by a Canadian publisher in Quebec, is to be welcomed. Journalist for fifteen (...)
“We Never…!”: The French Bourgeoisie’s Shameful Collaboration With the Nazis
Historian Claude Mazauric reviews L’Histoire contemporaine toujours sous influence by Annie Lacroix-Riz (Contemporary history still under control), Le Temps des cerises and (...)
A Non-Academic And Non-Conformist Reading
Marx can tell us things about what is at stake at a time when, now more than ever, capitalism is dominant. Rediscovering Marx presupposes scratching off the rust left by (...)
To Undertake Fundamental Analytical Progress And Go Beyond Das Kapital
The starting point has to be the economic crisis. The formidable tremors from the 2008 financial crisis, the 2009 world recession, and the 2010-2012 euro and European (...)

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