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Islam, the State And the Impossibility of Politics
Historian Pierre Saly ’s review of L’Utopie de l’Islam, la religion contre l’État (Islam’s Utopia , Religion Against the State) by Leïla Babès, Colin pub. 2011. Leïla Babès is an (...)
The Only Truly Realistic Solution Now Is To Break With the Existing System
Roger Martelli is co-editor in chief of the monthly Regards Will Europe be allowed to sink hopelessly deeper into the crisis and into recession? Europe is standing on its (...)
Protest Movements Are Entitled to Full Partnership
How can the Left Front give pride of place to the people? “Let’s set the debate ablaze.” So reads a Front de Gauche (Left Front) [3] handbill. This has inspired the following (...)
A Debate on De-globalization Would Be Highly Profitable
Unimpressed by the intense barrage fire on the notion of de-globalization, Michel Rogalski , economics researcher (EHESS-CNRS) and editor of the review Recherches (...)
Nine Eleven and the Manufacture of Consent
If, traditionally, war is a hallmark of sovereignty, so it is with war on terror, but in this case it is not an act of sovereignty abroad only, but also at home, to control (...)

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