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" Conserve Nature, Use its Benefits "
Biodiversity is indispensable for maintaining economic activities and developing our enterprises. Therefore, we are responsible for preserving it as a fundamental resource. (...)
France: No Curbs on the Death Trade
Last week saw the first Eurosatory bazaar near Paris under the aegis of the French ministry of defence. This “world fair for land, land-air defence, and security” defines itself (...)
French-speaking Africa: “Half-a-Century of Non-Sovereignty”
Odile Tobner is president of the French association « Survie » (survival). Two days before the start of the African summit in Nice, L’Humanité publishes her analysis of the (...)
Jean Jaurès: An Evolving Ambition for the Form and Idea of the Nation
Gilles Candar is the president of the Société d’études jaurésiennes - a society that keeps alive the political and philosophical legacy of Jean Jaurès, a leading figure in the (...)
French Gipsy Travellers Are Still Discriminated Against
Why are French travelers not treated like their fellow-citizens? Official surveys and recommendations are clear enough, Marc Bodigoni explains. He is a research engineer at (...)

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