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All in the Same Boat? Why Sarkozy’s Attitude to Remembering the Slave Trade Should Make Us See Red
At the recent celebrations for the anniversary of France’s abolition of slavery, Nicolas Sarkozy’s inflammatory remarks on historic memory provided fuel for the fire of (...)
French Presidential Elections: The Left has to Stand Up!
There are are only seven days to the election. Everything is still possible. The network of militants that is spreading out throughout the country can still avoid all the (...)
Editorial: Born Free and Equal in Dignity and Rights
The gap between the haves and have-nots is the theme taken up in this editorial written by Patrick Apel-Muller to coincide with One World Week - whose objectives for 2006 are: (...)
Earth Shaking News
Seismographs recorded the shockwave at 1.45 GMT. Authorities in Moscow and Peking, warned hours earlier, feared the worst. The first North Korean atomic bomb has just been (...)
Opting for Bloody Disorder
Blow by blow, the Israeli government is busy reviving the flames of conflict this weekend, violating the truce in Lebanon and hijacking the Palestinian vice prime minister. (...)

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