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The Crime of Qana
Outrage. The images of the ruins of the Lebanese village of Qana, which have flashed across the world’s TV screens since yesterday morning, arouse both indignation and a sick (...)
Stamped with the Seal of Inhumanity
In expelling Aminata, a young student born in France, the Ministry of the Interior is guilty of an unacceptable act, contrary to the principles of the (...)
LEBANON: We Must Act, Quickly!
UN intervention in Lebanon and Gaza is essential to defuse the escalating violence in the region. The civilian populations are suffering intolerable hardship which can only be (...)
The Lebanese: An Abandonned People
Have the World’s Great Powers - we can’t bring ourselves to call them the World Community - decided to abandon the Lebanese people to Israeli bombs? President Chirac asked on (...)
Air Wars: Economic Scandals Plague the European Defence group
"We are facing a major crisis", Arnaud Lagardère announced. EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space) group, a jewel in the crown of European industry, is being shaken by (...)

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