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The Imposture
The austerity plan presented yesterday [2] by François Fillon, the French prime minister, constitutes a further stage in the enterprise of social destruction that has been (...)
{Charlie Hebdo} Burnt on the Stake
Auto-da-fé: a sinister word which under cover of a faith-inspired action masks the fanaticism that lights up the stake. This spectre was conjured among us by the arsonists that (...)
Moody’s And Sarkozy
Rating agencies are not just UFOs that drop top marks to aces or noughts to dunces as they fly above States around the globe. Moody’s has just brought a new proof of this by (...)
Along the Fault Lines of the Economic Crisis
The contrast between the Socialist Party primary and the Fête de l’Humanité.
Pushing Back the Dictatorship of Finance
It’s been over three years since the world entered into an acute phase of the crisis of the ruling system, because the present crisis is the crisis of capitalism, and it will (...)

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