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Science & Technology

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To feed the planet, can humanity go beyond industrial-scale agriculture?
Discussion between Thomas Diemer, president of Jeunes agriculteurs, France’s Young Farmers Association, and Marc Dufumier, agricultural engineer and Emeritus Professor at (...)
Global Agricultural Model In Bitter Balance
Olivier De Schutter is leaving his post as UN special rapporteur on the right to food. He has assessed a precarious relationship between our agricultural model and the role of (...)
Serge Haroche "Einstein’s thought experiments brought to life"
Nobel Prize in Physics (2012), French National Center for Scientific Research Gold Medal (2009), professor and director at the Collège de France, Serge Haroche has devoted his (...)
Olivier Drapier, "The Higgs Boson, Cornerstone of the Theory of Matter"
Discovered after forty years of research, the Higgs boson is "the" elementary particle that we needed to understand the origin of matter. The physicist Olivier Drapier [2]. (...)
GM maize from Monsanto, a very real poison, according to an new study
Monsanto’s genetically modified (GM) maize is suspected of being toxic. According to a French study presented by its authors as a "world first", rats fed the GM maize die (...)

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