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For a 21st century Communist Party manifesto
Proposal for a basis for discussion at the 38th Congress of the PCF : For a 21st century Communist Party manifesto The text resulting from the National Council was voted by (...)
A First Step has been made Towards an Extraordinary Congress!
The text Pour un Manifeste du Parti communiste du 21ème siècle [“Towards a Manifesto of the Communist Party of the 21st Century”] has now been tabled, with the support of almost (...)
The Left. FCP tables all the options for its Congress.
THE LEFT. FCP TABLES ALL THE OPTIONS FOR ITS CONGRESS Monday, 4 June 2018 Julia Halilovic This weekend the Communist leadership adopted a set of guiding principles to allow (...)
U.S. Communist Party leader tours China, shares impressions
At the invitation of the Communist Party of China, a delegation from the Communist Party USA toured China May 26-June 3 and attended a conference on the 200th anniversary of (...)
Karl Marx at 200
Marx is back. For his 200th birthday, the socialist revolutionary’s bearded image is popping up everywhere. Books, seminars, and conferences devoted to his legacy and enduring (...)

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