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Click the image above to see the video of the First World Cultural Forum (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Once you click on the image and are redirected to YouTube, to be able to see clearly the video of the First World Cultural Forum, please click on the settings (wheel) on the right side at the bottom of the YouTube screen and put the video on HD mode.


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At the end of 2015 the figures are astounding:
At the end of 2015 the figures are astounding: 110 journalists were murdered as a result of their profession or died suspicious deaths. At least 787 have been murdered in the (...)
Syrian Army on the Offensive, the "Islamic State" in Retreat
While negociations should begin at the United Nations in Geneva on 25 January, each camp is maneuvering in order to arrive there in a position of force. The loyalist forces (...)
14-year-old girls in its factories: Samsung in the dock
The union, INDECOSA-CGT, has joined forces with the French NGO, SHERPA, to fight Samsung in the courts. Based on evidence gathered by the NGO, China Labor Watch, the (...)
Choose between capitalism and the climate
Joint text. Among the signatories are: Pierre Laurent (PCF, president of the PGE), Panagiotis Rigas (Syriza), José Luis Centella (PCE), Mirko Messner (KPO), Juha-Pekka Väisänen (...)
Hosham Dawod On DAESH
In this interview with l’Humanité, CNRS researcher Hosham Dawod, an anthropologist and specialist of Iraq where he headed the Iraqi department of the Institut français du (...)

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