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NATO: Thousands of U.S. Soldiers on Russian Border
The cease-fire signed in Minsk a month ago has been respected fairly well. NATO is conducting maneuvers in the Baltic countries and in the Black (...)
Whilst Vanuatu cries for help, the UN fails miserably to respond
In the wake of the havoc wrought in Vanuatu by Cyclone Pam, the UN conference designed to mitigate the risks of natural disasters stopped woefully short of a sufficient (...)
Giorgos Mitralias "Any debt that does not benefit society is unlawful"
Giorgos Mitralias, member of the Greek Committee Against the Debt, has called for creating an Audit Commission to examine Greek public debt, something he believes is the (...)
The Citizens of Halkidiki Would Rather Have Life Than Gold
Halkidiki, Greece, by special correspondant Eldorado Gold , a Canadian multinational, wanted to force the issue, in order to exploit a vein using open-pit methods. Backed (...)
A US Defeat in Syria
The dissolution of the Hazem movement, upon which Washington was counting, is a set-back for Obama. The news almost went unnoticed. Yet the announcement, on March 11th, by the (...)

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