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Syriza’s False Friends
French Socialist Party Trying to Appropriate Alexis Tsipras’ Program, the Better to Bolster François Hollande.
Gaza Authorities Fit Out Port for Voyages Abroad
On Jan. 25, a ministerial committee formed by Gaza’s Hamas government announced it will fit out the port of Gaza for international voyages, beginning in two months, leaving the (...)
Ukraine: 30 Dead in Mariupol, Separatists Announce They Have Launched Offensive
On Jan. 24, the pro-Russian separatists announced that they had launched an offensive against the strategic port city of Mariupol, the last big East Ukrainian city controlled (...)
With Syriza the Greek People Can Revive Hope In Europe
For Alexis Tsipras, Syriza’s candidate, an absolute majority in Parliament would be an asset in order to impose a renegotiation of the Greek debt. The radical Left’s leader (...)
Is Economic War Heated by Shale Gas?
Shale gas production has redrawn the world energy map. For a long time, Russia and the OPEC countries led the dance, but now, thanks to non-conventional gases and oils, the (...)

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