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Erdogan Drops His Mask and Designates His Enemy: The Kurds
Statements by Turkish officials against the Kurds are multiplying. The bases of the PKK are bombarded, as well as areas where Syrian Kurdish forces, the YPG, are located. NATO (...)
The Duplicity of Erdogan Aims at Striking the Kurds
Subjected to many criticisms and pressures already for several months for its attitude, ambiguous, to say the least, with respect to the so-called "Islamic State" (Daech) and (...)
BDS, the Campaign for Boycott that Scares Tel Aviv
Putting economic pressure on Israel to force it to end its settlement policy and occupation of Palestinian territories: that was the objective of the initiative launched in (...)
Has Tsipras developed "double-think"? A Feeling of Helplessness
In his much admired academic conferences, the historian Henri Guillemin would recall for us a sentence of dating from 1897, Maurice Barrès, master-mind of the nationalist right (...)
Greece: "Our Main Error? To Have Underestimated Their Desire to Destroy Us"
Target of a well planned financial coup d’État , Alexis Tsipras underestimated the ferocity of creditors ready to strangle Greece in order to impose policies in the interest of (...)

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