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Syria: One More War For Washington
Fighter planes, drones, bombers… the US and its allies’ air armada appeared last Tuesday above Syria. For the first time since the beginning of the bloody civil war in 2011... (...)
Global Climate : Private Companies Launched On the Green Track
Ikea, Barclays Bank, McDo sitting round the table last Tuesday next to the nations’ representatives: summoning the heads of state summit on climate Ban Ki-moon had laid the (...)
Kurds Accuse the Turkish Military Of Supporting DAESH
The offensive launched by DAESH Jihadists against Syrian Kurds is said to be supported by the Turkish military. The town of Kobane and several Kurdish villages are besieged by (...)
No Present for Leonard Peltier’s 70th Birthday
The American Indian Movement activist has been languishing in an American prison for nearly 40 years. His Paris backers are organizing a reception on September 11 to collect (...)
Empire and Paradigm of Torture
President Barack Obama admitted that his country had had recourse to torture. The admission came before the declassification of a Senate report on the CIA’s interrogatory (...)

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