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United Nations experts: US must "close down Guantanamo camp"
Interview. Austrian UN Special Rapporteur, Manfred Nowak, is unequivocal: Prisoners detained by the US should be put on trial or brought before the courts. A special (...)
Alang, India: Globalization and the Wages of Fear
A trade union-leader exposes the workers’ lack of basic rights
In the shipyards of Alang, they destroy men as well as ships
The Clemenceau: Our special reporter has visited the site which was supposed to be the destination of the French aircraft-carrier. The story of the Clemenceau (1) has become a (...)
Palestine: Condoleezza’s Fiasco
Condoleezza’s fiasco The Middle East. The Arab nations are refusing, uncharacteristically, to follow American orders concerning the Palestinians. American Secretary of State (...)
Palestine - Hamas at the threshold of power
The new Hamas-led Palestinian parliament met last Saturday. Mahmoud Abbas was expected to encourage the parliament to endorse the Palestinian Authority’s programs and (...)

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