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Asia : The Koreas forge ahead
Both countries announce the opening of a liaison office whilst taking a break from Washington.
Brazil, Year 1 of the Bolsonaro Regime
In Brazil, January 1st will not only mark the beginning of another year, but Year 1 of a new retrograde, regressive, and authoritarian regime. Tomorrow, Jair Bolsonaro will be (...)
Mumia Abu-Jamal — A Formidable Success, But ...
A first victory for the celebrated journalist, emprisoned for almost forty years, and for the most part on death row.
The Cubans Will Have the Last Word
Published in l’Humanité on Monday, December 24th, 2018 On 24 February, voters will vote, after a three-month consultation, on the draft of the future Constitution. The right (...)
Latin America: Brazil - Under the control of extreme-right authoritarianism
Jair Bolsonaro will take office on 1st January 2019 after having won Sunday’s Presidential election. His first speech was, once again, heavily weighted with threats to the rule (...)

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