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The US attacks a Syrian air base
Resuming Bush’s warlike practices, Donald Trump has launched strikes against Syria on Thursday, following a chemical weapons attack, which he attributed to “Dictator Bachar (...)
According to Moscow, Damascus bombed a...
The Russian military said on Wednesday that the Syrian Air Force had bombed the day before a "warehouse" near Khan Cheikhoun where rebels stored "toxic substances" in the (...)
Lydia Samarbakhsh: NATO Encourages its Members to Aggressively Stockpile Weapons
Lydia Samarbakhsh, Director of the International Department of the French Communist Party (PCF) This communist leader believes that instead of conducting military operations (...)
China: Beijing Declares War on Poverty
China: Beijing Declares War on Poverty LINA SANKARI FRIDAY, MARCH 3, 2017 L’HUMANITÉ Migrant worker housing in Hangzhou, a province of Zhejiang. Photo: William Hong/Reuters (...)
It’s the world’s “worst humanitarian crisis” since 1945, warns the United Nations
The United Nations has warned that the world is confronted by “the worst humanitarian crisis since the end of the second World War”, with 20 million people at risk of (...)

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