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Benin – a move toward the restitution of treasures pillaged during the colonial conquest
Following his meeting with the Benin president, Patrice Talon, Emmanuel Macron expressed his willingness for “temporary or permanent restitution” of African cultural wealth (...)
Jerusalem: Trump’s disgusting blackmail at the UN
Trump is seething. Last week, he found himself alone, completely isolated in the face of the fourteen other members of the UN Security Council, including his usual European (...)
Nicolas Sarkozy: Crossing the Libyan Desert
Nicolas Sarkozy was held in custody yesterday (March 20, 2018). He is being questioned about alleged illegal electoral campaign funding in 2007 by the Muammar Gaddafi (...)
Christmas. Pope Francis calls for us to open our arms to migrants.
Jorge Bergoglio was born in Argentina to Italian immigrant parents. His background has aided many of the fundamental themes in his now five-year pontificate. “No one should (...)
Morocco: Killed for a few bags of rice
Will the village of Sidi Boulaalam be for Morocco what Sidi Bouzid, the catalyst of the Arab Spring, was for Tunisia, following the immolation in 2010 of a young fruit and (...)

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