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Historic Ceasefire in Colombia
Monday was a historic day for Colombia. After 52 years of armed conflict, the first definitive bilateral ceasefire ever signed between the FARC guerrillas and the government (...)
The United States in Total Support of the Turkish Offensive
Ankara attacks not so much Daesh, but Kurdish forces. Clashes are multiplying between the Turkish army and Syrian Democratic Forces. Forty civilians were killed in Turkish (...)
Benin’s Cultural Treasures far from their Native Land
In an unprecedented move, the government of Benin has requested that the treasures of the Kingdom of Dahomey, pillaged during the colonial period, be returned. Paris claims (...)
Erdogan vs Gülen: From Religious Idyll To “Treason“
Erdogan accuses the Gülen Brotherhood, but then goes all-out to repress democrats, Kurds, and office-holders. From our special correspondent in Istanbul The Turkish (...)
The Fate of Syria will be Decided in Aleppo
Encircled in those sections of the city that they still control, the jihadistes try to break free. The Free Syrian Army is absent from the (...)

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