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The Richest 211,000 People Own 13% of the World’s Wealth
A new study confirms that the ultra-rich are concentrating more and more wealth in their hands. Despite the crisis, their number is increasing, and their wealth even (...)
Austerity Costing Dearly in Terms of Economic Growth, According to French Economic Observatory
The organization is forecasting continued slow economic growth in France and in the euro zone among its economic perspectives, and believes that the problem stems from the (...)
OFCE Forecasting Rise in Joblessness in France in 2015
The unemployment rate will near 10% of the active population in France in 2015, according to the OFCE’s latest forecast.
Unemployment Worsens Again
Unemployment figures are rising again, a few days before the middle of François Hollande’s presidency. The government’s jobs policy is a failure, despite Manuel Valls’ talk (...)
Demonstrations held against EU-US free-trade deal
In Rennes, Nantes, Toulouse, Bordeaux, Marseille, Lille and Paris, thousands of activists, in support of numerous organisations, including Attac, CGT, PCF, PG and EELV, (...)

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