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The GDF Privatization Debate: Break the Law of Silence
After having read what is well-described as a revelation, since "the letter of grievances of the European Commission" concerning the fusion of the GDF (Gaz de France) and Suez (...)
Is global food security possible?
At the heart of these multiple debates, lies the right of people to feed themselves. Special correspondent
Lorraine Steelmakers cornered between a shark and a crocodile
Metz (Moselle), by special correspondent Fusion, effusion, confusion: ever since the announcement by Mittal Steel, Friday 27 January, of the launch of a public offer of a (...)
The Violent Effects of Economic Transition in Eastern Europe
The shocks absorbed by Central and Eastern European states in the 1990s have plunged a significant number of people into extreme destitution, according to a study by the (...)
Stop the WTO, that true market for fools
Stop the WTO, that true market for fools Mobilization: Francis Wurtz, president of the group GUE-GVN in the European Parliament, and the alter-mondialist researcher (...)

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