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Prospects on employment and intellectual laziness
How does the publication of a 400-page report on future job creation and development of professions between 2012 and 2022 help when the authors of the said report have shown (...)
Immanuel Wallerstein: Capitalism in ”structural crisis”
In the collective work “Does Capitalism Have a Future?” the US author states that the “modern world-system” finds itself in “a structural crisis”.
Euronext group : job cuts even at the Paris Stock Exchange
On Monday, 13 April, the European stock exchange group Euronext announced a restructuring programme which would involve 101 job cuts in its IT and stock market (...)
Tax havens continue to deepen public debt
By Thierry Brugvin, member of the scientific council of Attac and author (1).
Public Services: Customs Officials on Strike against Austerity
“Without customs, who will protect you?” A thousand customs officials demonstrated in Paris on March 24 in response to an inter-trade union call by the CFDT, CGT, F.O., (...)

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