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France’s Teachers Among OECD’s Worst-Paid
The OECD has just published its 2014 indicators on education in the 33 countries participating in the study. Public schools in France come out rather well, although the OECD (...)
University Students Appeal Against Austerity
“The opening of the academic year is ringing the death knell for student success!” This cry of alarm has just been issued, on the initiative of the Union of Communist Students, (...)
Poor Getting Poorer in France
Although the poverty rate fell slightly in 2012, the depth of poverty is intensifying in the context of a general fall in the standard of living in (...)
No Cost-of-Living Adjustment for Small Pensions
There will be no cost-of-living adjustment for pensions below 1200 euros a month on Oct. 1, even though the government had announced that they would not be impacted by the (...)
The Affair BNP Paribas: the Obligation to Resist
The charges made by the US courts against the French bank provide some idea of what is likely to happen under the transatlantic free-trade agreement currently being (...)

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