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OECD Pits Active Workers Against Retirees
Although it underlines the role of social policy in protecting households against the economic crisis, the OECD calls on France, in the name of austerity, to “arbitrate” (...)
Thousands Protest Responsibility Pact
Several thousand demonstrators, led by Thierry Lepaon and Jean-Claude Mailly, the leaders of the CGT and the FO trade union confederations, marched on March 18 in Paris and in (...)
Mothers forced to stay at home
A study by CESE shows that many women do not stay at home out of choice. These women are, above all mothers, victims of job insecurity and unaccommodating employers. Many are (...)
Lee Lorch, Mathematician and Communist, has Died
Brilliant mathematician, Lee Lorch, an American, led a fight for equality between blacks and whites, between women and men, and among all (...)
Controversy Leaves Copé In the Buff...
The president of the Rightist UMP claimed that the children’s book Everyone In the Buff, was taught at school.

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