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The Price of the Alternative Media
A brand new Humanité-on-Sunday will appear on 9 March - launching the much-needed magazine of the left.
Is the donkey the voter?
Is the donkey the voter? One man, one voice. Speaking from the Paris suburb of Clichy-sous-Bois, where the troubles started two months ago, footballer Lilian Thuram, (...)
A Hellish Life awaiting Immigrants to France
The basic components of a French immigration bill to be discussed in February make one fear the worst. The following is a dissection of a dangerous (...)
Earth, a living planet under surveillance
Environment. Earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes... These are the extreme natural phenomena that scientists are monitoring at all possible latitudes. Journey across and (...)
« Libération ? A case study of the French press »
« Libération ? A case study of the French press » The analyst Pierre Rimbert has studied the history of the French daily "Libération". He wonders: "How can we stop capitalism in (...)

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