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Philippot Whitewashes Pétain
Front National’s VP alleges acknowledging responsibility for deportation of Jews would be "trampling the honor of France". Stirs up old specter of the extreme (...)
Some Socialists “Distressed” by Austerity
New voices are being raised within the Socialist Party against Hollande’s policy. On June 7, a debate will be held in Paris, organized by distressed (...)
Pierre Laurent: "We Can’t Save Hollande, But We Must Save the Left"
Pierre Laurent, the national secretary of the French Communist Party, is calling for the broadest possible alliance to "rebuild the left" based on different choices rather (...)
Left Front Campaigns to "Break and Remake Europe"
With a month to go until the European Parliament elections, which France is holding on Sunday 25th May, activists for the Left Front now have a prospectus that goes further (...)
To the Front, Comrades!
This isn’t a slap in the face, it’s a lynching, a humiliation, a masterful thrashing, a left uppercut, a final disavowal. François Hollande, who wanted to appear to be “Normal (...)

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