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The people are the sole sovereign
By André Bellon, president of the Association for a Constituent Assembly of Troika, Central Bank and European Commission...
CGT Calls for Vote to Stand in Way of FN Candidates
In a press statement, the CGT “is calling on employees, retirees, those deprived of a job and more generally the world of labor to stand in the way of the far right candidates (...)
Front National: One hand in the pocket of Europe
The European Parliament suspects that Marine le Pen’s party is using the EU budget to finance its activities on a national level.
Justice: how the Macron law grants out impunity to bosses
One the one hand, the socialist powers try to stop unions or journalists from putting their noses in the affairs of employers; on the other, they intend to lighten heavy (...)
Life happens...
Editorial by Jean-Emmanuel Ducoin. "It is absolutely abhorrent to see the likes of Hollande, Valls, Macron and others fuss about matters far removed from issues that are of (...)

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