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Hollande Stands by His Foreign Policy in Toulon Harbor Speech
The 70th anniversary of the Allied landing in Provence: the French president justified France’s solo interventions in Mali and the Central African Republic on the basis of (...)
French Bosses’ Association Renews Vote of Confidence
Pierre Gattaz and his friends close ranks behind Hollande and Valls. They’re demanding a “coherent” government … that adopts the policy that they (...)
“Relaunch the Counter-Offensive After the Holidays”
The activists of the French Communist Party are seizing the initiative all summer long to prepare the ground for the counter-attack in September. Selling the Fête de l’Humanité (...)
Philippot Whitewashes Pétain
Front National’s VP alleges acknowledging responsibility for deportation of Jews would be "trampling the honor of France". Stirs up old specter of the extreme (...)
Some Socialists “Distressed” by Austerity
New voices are being raised within the Socialist Party against Hollande’s policy. On June 7, a debate will be held in Paris, organized by distressed (...)

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