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Emmanuel Macron is mainly strong due to the weaknesses of his opponents
His score in the first round of the presidential election (24.1%) and the record abstention of Sunday reveal the exhaustion of our system of democratic (...)
En Marche! and France insoumise – “modernity” put to the test
En Marche! and France insoumise – “modernity” put to the test The two movements present themselves as solutions to an “old political scene” and ride on the back of a desire for (...)
Left French political parties are in a mess
To make matters simpler, the leadership of the PCF (French Communist Party) could have asked communist militants to vote on whether the potential PCF candidates should endorse (...)
PCF, the hour of truth ... Statement by the...
PCF, the hour of truth ... Statement by the Network to Support and Strengthen the PCF (FVR-PCF) In a few weeks, the legislative elections will complete the reconstituted (...)
The Trump Administration is ready to arm the Kurdish fighters in Syria
The Trump Administration has decided to arm the Kurdish militia YPG in Syria, at risk of provoking Turkey’s anger towards those whom they consider (...)

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