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Nationalism: Deadly Poison for Democracy
A column by Francis Wurtz, Honorary Member of the European Parliament. Europe must restructure itself with each of its nations, involving citizens in the choices to be (...)
Esther Benbassa: “Returning common law to the judiciary is a must”
“Initially presented as a miracle cure against terrorism, the state of emergency has not advanced the fight against terrorism very much. Despite the thousands of searches, few (...)
Jean-Pierre Bosino: “The unacceptable challenge to the separation of powers”
Interview by Julia Hamlaoui "As its name indicates, the state of emergency should not be permanent. And this is the very risk with constitutionalisation."
2017 Pierre Laurent wants a “left-wing candidate” who is not François Hollande
The national secretary of the Communist Party (PCF) is afraid that the left will “not be present” in the presidential election, and said he hoped to have a “candidate” with a (...)
Denis Salas “A constitution is not an instrument of penal policy”
On reading the draft amendments to Article 36 of the Constitution, I have two major concerns. The first section sets out, in the ambit of the state of emergency, the total (...)

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