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A Teacher Testifies: "We Waited for Twenty Minutes, No Help Arrived"
Alain Bessaha, a teacher, filmed the charge by the CRS against the demonstrators and the trampling of Cyril Ferez. The union activist in SUD-PTT, injured Saturday evening, is (...)
Immense Crowds Demonstrate against the CPE, despite Government Maneuvers
Job insecurity: More numerous even than the 3 million who protested last week, demonstrators join the unions in demanding the withdrawal of the CPE (first-job contract). (...)
28 March 2006: Across France 3 Million Demonstrate Against CPEs
The number of protesters, city by city:
The Tidal Wave Against Ending Job Security
It’s a huge failure! Prime minister Dominique de Villepin, who had apparently thought that the anti-CPE movement would wane if he kept up his intransigence, was massively (...)
Cheaters are not Popular These Days
First-job contracts (CPE): On the eve of the fifth day of mobilization of youth and workers, Nicolas Sarkozy takes over the management of the crisis, wanting to save his own (...)

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