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The Tidal Wave Against Ending Job Security
It’s a huge failure! Prime minister Dominique de Villepin, who had apparently thought that the anti-CPE movement would wane if he kept up his intransigence, was massively (...)
Cheaters are not Popular These Days
First-job contracts (CPE): On the eve of the fifth day of mobilization of youth and workers, Nicolas Sarkozy takes over the management of the crisis, wanting to save his own (...)
With Faultless Determination, Students’ and Workers’ Unions Mobilize Against the "First Job Contracts"
Rising again, and raising the tone. Yielding no ground until the First Job Contracts (CPE, Contrat premier embauche) are withdrawn. Not getting worn out. Finding ways to (...)
Does Communism have a Future?
Setting the facts straight: As the French Communist Party holds its 33rd Congress (in Paris in late March 2006), and since we want to look towards the future and not dwell (...)
France: The Fight Against “First Job Contracts” (CPEs): A Generational Struggle or a Class Struggle?
The rising tide of rejection against the CPEs - the so-called “first job contracts”, offering absolutely no job security - has brought to the surface an old myth, promoted by (...)

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