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Slavery: Its memory liberates the future
The ACTe Memorial opened yesterday in Guadeloupe. Far from putting an end to debates, this exhibition and research center is intended to promote them. Pointe-à-Pitre (...)
Etienne Balibar: “A period of intense debate on Marxist philosophy”
The philosopher Etienne Balibar reflects on Louis Althusser, who with the publication of For Marx was one of the main participants in the conceptual and intellectual debate (...)
Marx: “The Political Importance of Philosophical Work” – Lucien Sève
The philosopher’s new book (1) invites us to understand, in profoundly renewed terms, Marx’s famous “exit” from philosophy. That time, which is both dated and decisive in a (...)
For Le Figaro Magazine: Sooner Hitler Than People’s Insurrection
In its Aug. 23 issue, the weekly magazine puts Hitler on the front page while Paris celebrates her liberation.
When a Pygmy Stands for the Great African Continent
Jean Bofane, who was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, publishes his second novel in France, Congo Inc. Le testament de Bismark (Congo Inc. Bismark’s Will) Actes Sud (...)

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