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A Time when Boris Taslitzky drew the Unspeakable
At the age of 94, the artist Boris Taslitzky died on 9 December in Paris. Through his work "111 Drawings made in Buchenwald", he will continue to bear witness to his detention (...)
Eric Hobsbawm
MEETINGS Eric Hobsbawm: " I have observed and listened and tried to understand history." The autobiography of the famous British historian has finally been translated into (...)
A Mother’s Silence - a Film Review
Occasionally a film grabs you and doesn’t let you go. This was the case with "De l’histoire ancienne" (’Ancient history’), Orso Milet’s first full-length movie, about family, (...)
«La francofffonie» Celebrates
« La francofffonie » gets a festival. French language. For seven months, France will celebrate the wealth and diversity of cultures arising from la francophonie, the French (...)
The role of historians is not the validation of social values
There is no human community that isn’t organized around unifying symbols and founding values. Revolutions, either generalized or focalized, take place precisely when the system (...)

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