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Rienzi Crusz, Over There Too the Nights Are Vibrant With Green
L’Amour, là où les nuits sont vertes, (translated by Isabelle Métral), L’Amourier The expression of the meandering course of his life, of its forkings, whether deliberate or (...)
"It Was Not Poverty We Met In Givors, But the People"
Far from providing a tearful picture of poverty, Se battre, Jean-Pierre Duret and Andrea Santana’s latest documentary, invites us on the ring of (...)
Ernest Pignon- Ernest : " Drawing Reaffirms
 Thought, and the Hand Reaffirms what is Human "
The Prison Saint-Paul in Lyon is the site of the most recent intervention of the artist Ernest Pignon-Ernest upon walls that have witnessed, have contained, suffering. We (...)
Armand Gatti, Rebellious and Poetic Imagination Has Free Rein
A leading figure in theater, poet, dramatist, journalist, Armand Gatti celebrated his ninetieth birthday yesterday in Montreuil, at the site he calls la Parole errante (...)
Jean Rouaud : "In the Face of Mercantilism, Ours Is a Formidable Power"
A writer who won the Prix Goncourt in 1990 for his novel Les Champs d’honneur. (Fields of Glory), and author of many other novels, poems and essays, Jean Rouaud invites his (...)

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