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Actor, stage-director, and film-maker Patrice Chéreau made his final bow on October 7th. In this chronicle, Jean-Emmanuel Ducoin evokes the memorable evening on which he (...)
Bertrand Tavernier : " And so culture would become a commodity"
(Published in l’Humanité on 15 May 2013 As the Cannes Film Festival opens, filmmakers from all over Europe are mobilizing to defend cultural exception from the transatlantic (...)
Culture - an Essential Exception.
“One poet, and everything will be saved”, said Jean Vilar. The creator of Avignon Festival has fought all his life for the creation of a large public service for Culture, as (...)
They Came, They Saw, and the Taviani Brothers Conquered
An emotional shock. It is one of the great films of the year which opens today, tops in intelligence, bringing faith in what is human. Don’t miss (...)
Jean-Vincent Verdonnet: Twining Life Shoots For a Poetic Testament
Dernier fagot (Last Bundle of Firewood), La Rougerie, 2012. Jean-Vincent Verdonnet has bound these poems in a bundle as one would do with firewood. These he knows to be his (...)

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