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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Qui gardera les enfants ?

by M.-N. B.

Who will look after the Children?

Translated Sunday 5 October 2008, by Shelagh Rothero

Who will be called upon to look after the children when there is a strike?


The official instructions published on August 20 outlined an incomplete solution. ‘The community must appeal to municipal civil servants, child-minders, managers of leisure centres, members of family associations, retired teachers, students, parents.’ All very well, but what about their training? It’s not worth bothering. ‘The Code de l’action sociale et des familles (Code of Social Work and Families) does not make provision for minors who stay in care facilities for less than 14 days per year. There is no obligation in terms of staff qualifications or supervision ratio’. So who is responsible if there is an accident? The State – that is to say- unless the facts ‘are shown to be outside the jurisdiction of the mayor’. In other words, if there is any doubt, it is the mayor who must face the tribunal. The state will show its appreciation by paying for the lawyer.

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