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by Maurice Ulrich’s Daily Ticket

Steer to the Right

Translated Wednesday 28 October 2009, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Isabelle Métral

We had already noticed on several occasions the column in Le Figaro by our distinguished colleague Yves de Kerdrel.

Two weeks ago, concerning France Telecom, he spoke with irony of "those psychologists who have never set foot in a business workplace."

We suppose he is justified in this matter by his solid experience. Adjustor, milling machine operator, loader? At least it is not just his membership in a commission of the MEDEF [1] that gives him this status.

His status does, however, give him the right to give lessons.
This week, it was to the chief of
state himself he had lessons to give, to one who had messed up his fall semester.
Among others in the list of examples of messed-up jobs, the management of the portfolio on France Telecom — again — and the "lynching" of Didier Lombard, its president, which was "calamitous."

Didier Lombard lynched? Surely he should have been congratulated for his management of the group after 25 suicides?

But the essential of the opinion of Yves de Kerdrel is not in that, no. If everything is going badly, according to him, it’s because Nicolas Sarkozy is imposing a political program of the center-left, something that had escaped our attention, which discourages those who had opted for "a rupture with assistance programs, declassifications and strikes."

Besides the fact that he is rolling for the MEDEF, it’s in his CV, he’s a lieutenant on a ship of the reserves. We hope for his sake he never takes to sea. He only knows how to steer to the right, more and more to the right.

[1French employers’ union

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