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by Maurice Ulrich’s Daily Ticket

"Destroy", he says

Translated Monday 26 October 2009, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Isabelle Métral

Lucky Luke won’t be in the movie theaters until Wednesday, but Brice has already fired a shot, faster than his shadow. [1]

Brice Portefeu [2], sorry, Hortefeux, had not even waited a week after the events in Poitiers to bring out his artillery. And "bang", a decree on the attaints to public security, in order to keep records on gangs, tiny groups, of youngsters of more than 13 years of age. "Re-bang", another decree on administrative inquiries to separate out suspects by keeping track of their "geographical origins." It’s that danger associated with your birthplace.

It’s not really a question of Poitiers [3], but a danger worrisome for quite different reasons. Some persons are seeking, by all possible means, says Frédéric Lefebvre, spokesman for the UMP, "to destroy the president of the Republic." Destroy, nothing less. For him, the enemy is the politico-media world.

All leagued together, they are hatching a plot. Brice Porteflingue [4], sorry, Hortefeux, adds to the list the gangs, the tiny groups, the adolescents, those of dubious origin, and maybe the union organizers, politicians, association members, and those who help those without immigration documents, those who hold their bosses captive for some hours. "Everything weighs on me, injures me, and conspires to injure me" [5]. we ask ourselves whether at this stage, and in view of current events, if Jean Sarkozy isn’t part of the plot, as in the band of assassins of Caesar.

Tu quoque mi fili! You, also, my son!

[1The cartoon character Lucky Luke is known for being able to shoot "plus vite que son ombre"


[3A historical reference to the battle of Poitiers, in 732?


[5Tout m’afflige et me nuit, et conspire à me nuire, a line from Act 1, scene III of Racine’s Phèdre

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