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by Maurice Ulrich’s Daily Ticket

The Pâté

Translated Thursday 29 October 2009, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Everyone knows the famous, and simple, recipe for horse-lark pâté: take one horse, add one lark.

This idea seems to have seduced Libération, which yesterday published, on almost a page and a half, an interview with Olivier Besancenot.
This is their way of developing, leisurely, all the arguments that the leader of the NPA [1] finds to reject the offer of the PCF [2] in the regional elections, that is, the composition, for the initial ballot, of combined lists with the Parti du gauche and the Gauche unitaire, and more generally with all forces that wish to join in.

It’s a question, according to Olivier Besancenot, of making a "big split", rather than making up such united lists and then, on the second ballot, planning to join together to defeat the Right and to constitute, the the Socialists and the Greens, a pluralist majority on the Left. The NPA prefers to ride on as the lone knight, which is perhaps why Libération has picked this horse.

Because the lark in the affair is the PCF, who, the previous day, had the right to a little article at the bottom of the page after the meeting of its National Council and its decisions concerning the regional elections. The readers of Libération will thus know everything there is to know about the arguments of Olivier Besancenot, and will be able to get by without those of the communists.

Question: whom does the newspaper want to please with this pâté? The Left? We very much doubt it! Then whom, we ask, whom?

[1Nouveau parti anticapitaliste

[2Parti communiste française

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