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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Au secours, Fidel Castro revient!

by Jean Ortiz

Help! Fidel Castro in Back!

Translated Wednesday 18 August 2010, by Henry Crapo and reviewed by Bill Scoble

The former Cuban president, still member of the national assembly, has returned to sit in parliament. Is that so astonishing?

by Jean Ortiz, Cuban studies, maître de conférences, Université de Pau, France

Just when we thought, we in the ’reasonable press’, to be rid of the ’dictator’, here he is back, clearly recovered and in good health, after years of suffering.

To regret that a human being has overcome his illness, what elegance! what humanism! To regret that a public figure of such importance is ’babbling on incoherently’ about the dangers of a conflagration in the Middle East, about a possible aggression against Iran, about the environmental and meteorological degradation produced by capitalism, on the ravages of carbon fuels, on the genetic modification of species, what a party-poop! He should shut up and leave us in peace, with all his convoluted thinking.

Now let’s be serious. Evidently, Fidel Castro is back, with determination that people know it to be so, and to boot, in the uniform of a guerrilla fighter, of a combatant, at a time when the world is "getting along just fine".

I never believed those stories about the opposition between the two brothers, soft versus hard, and vice-versa. They are fantasies preconceived by partisan political analysts and journalists. The same persons who today present Raul as a ’moderate’ used to describe him as the hardest of the hard.

Raul governs by consensus, by consultation, and it’s this team that guides the internal and external policies of the state. The recent discourse by Raul before the parliament shows great lucidity with respect to problems in Cuba, on the crisis, on changes in ’structure’ and in ’concept’, at a rhythm adapted to a difficult situation, all the while fending off the idea of ’market socialism’ promoted by China.

Today, the ball is in Obama’s court. He should lift the blockade and liberate the five Cuban prisoners in the United States, imprisoned for having infiltrated terrorist groups.

As the reforms are urgent, we understand that this enrages all those who hope that Cuba will reestablish capitalism and return to being a satellite of the United States. The recent liberation of political prisoners has shown the virtues of respectful and sovereign dialog ... Today, the ball is in Obama’s court. He should lift the blocade and liberate the five Cuban prisoners in the United States, imprisoned for having infiltrated [anti-Cuban] terrorist groups [in the U.S.].

Yes, Fidel is back, and has been for months already He expresses his opinions in Granma [1] on principal international issues, on the future of the planet, and has avoided, until now, any interference in internal policies, as is clear in his address to the parliament on Saturday 7 August. [2]

Fidel is still the first secretary of the Cuban communist party (PCC). It is difficult to believe, given his historic importance, that current changes take place against his will. The PCC envisages a party congress to bring in a new generation of leaders in coming months. But we will never know how to express our thanks to Fidel for having held the "Empire" at bay during a period of 51 years. Enough to make the imperialist furious, indeed!.

[1The Cuban national newspaper

[2Web links: news report of the event,
subsequent comments on the Bilderberg group meeting. Cuban press release,

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