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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Un texte contre « l’effacement du PCF »

by André Gerin and Jean-Jacques Karman

A text against the "Reformism of the French Communist Party (PCF)"

Translated Tuesday 21 December 2010, by Cynthia McKennon and reviewed by Henry Crapo

André Gerin and Jean-Jacques Karman circulate a text criticizing the leadership of the French Communist Party in recent times.

For a decade, the leadership of the French Communist Party (PCF) has weakened the organization, accused the signatories.

"This is not a text proposing just another alternative," say André Gerin, deputy mayor of Venissieux, and Jean-Jacques Karman, general councillor of the Seine-Saint-Denis Region.

These two figures, also members of the National Council of the PCF, are among the 211 who signed a contribution entitled "For a strong Communist Party, a project of revolutionary transformation." Fourteen members of the National Council and three members of parliament have also initialed it.

The major criticism of the text against the PCF leadership, can be summed up in few words, "Stop the erasure of the PCF." The signatories denounce "incessant changes in electoral strategy and the absence of a communist project for transformation of the capitalist society."

"The disagreement dates back to the late 1990s, when Robert Hue initiated changes in the mode of operation of the PCF, changes that, in the eyes of the authors of the contribution, seriously contributed to the weakening of the organization and the credibility of the PCF. Jean-Jacques Karman speaks of "dramatic mismanagement" over the years of "mutation." He denounced the closing of communist clubs, close to the population, to be replaced by regional assemblies, and the closing of thousands of communist clubs at the place of work.

André Gerin is hardly more tender with Marie-George Buffet, the previous general secretary of the PCF. He says the national secretary "trampled and humiliated communists, (...) the divorce with the leaders of the PCF is increasingly evident."

The text calls for autonomy of the PCF in all elections, including at the presidential elections. "This communist presidential candidacy should not depend on the consensus of our potential partners. This approach is doomed to failure by the personal pretensions of Jean-Luc Melenchon. " Finally, the text concludes with a call to rally all the Communists, with or without membership cards.

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