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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Devenez vous aussi un correspondant bénévole de l’Humanité.fr dans votre ville !

by Abrahim Saravaki and Hervé Fuyet

You too can become a volunteer correspondent for L’Humanité.fr in your country!

Translated Thursday 11 August 2011, by Abrahim Saravaki, Hervé Fuyet and reviewed by Henry Crapo

You too can become a volunteer correspondent in your country for the web site
of l’Humanité (www.humanite.fr)!

The French progressive paper, L’Humanité, gives you the floor.

L’Humanité, your newspaper, brings up to date one of its finest traditions, by offering you the opportunity to become a volunteer correspondent for its website.

As a reader of L’Humanité, you have definitely an advantage when deciphering the news. You can take pictures of an associative event, trade union meeting, or political rally in your city, a strike at your place of work, enrich it with a text or an interview to describe the event, explain its reasons behind it, and its goals ... Your newspaper opens a new space for free expression. If you want to take pen and show that you are a talented journalist, with preferably some knowledge of French, this space is for you.

Wherever you are in this world, you can write freely on topics that interest you or that you know particularly well, while sharing your view on events, news and more generally on how the world works.

Are you ready to give a hand to l’Humanité?


Abrahim Saravaki asaravaki@humanite.fr,
telephone +33 1 49 22 66 59 (01 49 22 66 59 from within France),
editor of the website of L’Humanité,


Hervé Fuyet, hervacacia@gmail.com, coordinator of L’Humanité in English.com and of L’Humanité porusski.com

N.B. Your articles should preferably be written in French, even if your French is not grammatically correct, provided it can be understood. We will work on it! If it is written in English, it should be sent to Hervé Fuyet of L’Humanité in English and porusski and we will do our best to translate it from English into French as soon as we can.

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