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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: Appel à un 1er mai "unitaire" et "solidaire"

by anonymous

Call For “United” May Day in “Solidarity”

Translated Wednesday 13 April 2011, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Gene Zbikowski

Five trade union organizations – the CGT, the CFDT, the FSU, Solidaires, and the UNSA – have issued a joint call for “united demonstrations” on May Day, with the themes of “international solidarity” with the Arabic peoples and of “social progress” against “exclusion and racism.”

In a joint communiqué, the five trade union organizations – which already marched together on May Day last year – express “their support for the peoples of the Arab countries who are rising up for dignity and freedom.”

In France, according to the trade unions, “May Day 2011 will be held in a context of economic and social crisis which is increasing inequality and undermining social cohesion.” “Let us mobilize for living together, for solidarity among workers, for equal rights, for peace, for social measures. This is the way to reduce exclusion, racism, and the rejection of the other,” they stated.

The five organizations are calling for “united demonstrations throughout France,” and are notably demanding that “priority” be given to jobs through a “real industrial policy that responds to ecological imperatives” and through “quality public services.” They are also calling for a “fight against inequality in rights and against all forms of discrimination, notably as concerns all the migrant workers.”

Among their other demands: to give priority to “measures that favor young people,” “to put an end to the non-replacement of one out of two retiring civil servants,” “to improve wages, pensions and buying power,” to guarantee the right to “social protection, in solidarity and at a high level, from birth to death,” “to improve working conditions and to win recognition of hard jobs.”

May Day will also be “a day of European solidarity” the five trade unions state, which condemn “the austerity policies imposed by the governments” of the member states of the European Union.

As in 2010, the Force Ouvrière trade union confederation [which split from the CGT in 1947] did not join in the joint call issued by the other five trade union organizations.

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