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Sexism is More than a Moral Issue: an Anti-Sexism Law is Necessary

Translated Friday 24 June 2011, by Lauren Barnes and reviewed by Bill Scoble

Women’s long-standing battle for equality is unfortunately still a current issue. Reactions to the recent “affairs” concerning male politicians bear witness to this: at best, the claims of the alleged victims are questioned; at worst, sexual violence is categorised as sexual misconduct. All this reveals that what should be labeled as sexism in fact involves domination — which is tolerated. In other words, society accepts gender inequality and provides individuals with the power to dominate others. This exists in all areas of society, all professions and all regions. Far from being a sex case, what is at stake here is simple equality, the freedom of half of the human race. It is high time for the debate to begin and lead to a law where respecting equality is mandatory, both in theory and in practice. The time has come for France to create a law against sexism. This is the reason why today I turn to Mr. Accoyer, president of the French National Assembly.

Adapted from a text by Marie-George Buffet

Deputy, former Minister

Stains, 30 May 2011

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