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ORIGINAL FRENCH ARTICLE: 47 900 chômeurs radiés en juillet !

by Justine Cohendet

47,900 Unemployed Struck From List in July!

Translated Monday 29 August 2011, by Gene Zbikowski and reviewed by Henry Crapo

Although unemployment rose again in July, with 36,100 new job-seekers in all, it is necessary to add in the 47,900 unemployed who were struck from the list of Pôle employ, the French unemployment agency. The unemployed were struck from the list using administrative criteria; this reflects the dematerialization [1] of the public services.

The number of unemployed struck from the lists for administrative reasons increased by 25% in July 2011. According to the SNU trade union (which is affiliated with the FSU, the main teachers union), this striking off from the lists, which is unusual at this time of year, is closely linked to the dematerialization of Pôle employ mail. The dematerialization [2], which was proposed by management in June 2011, was presented as a simple modernization of the unemployment agency. But, more problematically, included in the mail concerned by the measure are interview appointment notices and warnings prior to being struck from the list [3]. The warnings require people registered at Pôle employ who missed an interview to come in to the agency within two weeks to justify their absence.

The modernization measure only increases the gap between unemployment agency personnel and the unemployed, and dehumanizes the agency a little more. The unemployment agency is ill-adapted to meeting the requirements of France’s 4,128,000 unemployed. With the dematerialization of mail, social inequality has become a little worse, stigmatizing those people who do not have the resources necessary to have and maintain a computer and an Internet connection.

July was a somber month, with 84,000 unemployed, if you add those struck from the list to the new job-seekers.

[1See explanation below

[2The use of electronic mail instead of letters delivered by the post office.

[3According to French law, notices of intention to strike names from the list must be sent by registered mail with notice of reception.

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