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Irene claims her first victims and strikes New York

Translated Saturday 3 September 2011, by Nicole Hawkesford and reviewed by Henry Crapo

The hurricane has arrived in New York, a deserted city. Unfortunately, nine more people have already died in the South, there is significant damage and 2 million homes are without electricity.

However much the United States prepared for the worst, Irene’s passing will happen amid sorrow. Those New Yorkers who haven’t been evacuated are shut away in their homes or in emergency shelters, whilst the city is battered by violent winds (130km/h) and torrential rain. The scene is striking: all the shops are shut, performances cancelled, public transport halted, and the streets are deserted.
At least 20,000 households are plunged into darkness in New York, a situation which is likely to worsen as the water rises in South Manhattan. At present, the district of Staten Island is the worst affected. Nearly 2 million households are without electricity along the whole of the East Coast.

As a precaution, the nuclear power plants along the coast were shut down or saw their activity drastically reduced. The maritime authorities also raised the alert level on the water.
The first assessment from Fox News reports that there have so far been 9 deaths. Among the victims; five people died in North Carolina, and two in Virginia; including an eleven-year old child killed by a tree falling onto his house.

The American authorities fear that the bill left by the hurricane’s passing will rise to 10 billion dollars.

An impressive video of the situation in New York this Sunday morning: [1]

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[1video removed from the Humanité site by YouTube

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